An update on weightloss!

I’ve been so terrible about updating lately. With the holidays coming up, and work winding down for the year, it’s been a mad house here. Plus, we’ve jumped right into the demolition of our master bathroom, so a lot of our spare time has been spent tearing down, and cleaning up, and tearing down more. So…busy. But enough of the excuses!

I’m pretty sure when I last posted, I was around 20 pounds down from my heaviest weight. My overall goal weight loss was around 47 pounds total, which puts me at a healthy weight of around 145 pounds. For my height, and build, that’s on the upper end of a “healthy” BMI, but still within that range. Definitely achievable, but would definitely take some work.

I’ve been tracking calories for quite some time now. MyFitnessPal just told me that I’ve logged my daily food for 83 days, but prior to that I’d taken a month or so off, and I’d been tracking for a few months prior to that. So, probably close to 6 months of calorie tracking. I was worried that I’d struggle to lose weight, because I’ve never done any sort of weight loss without working out. And, with my busted knee, working out really wasn’t an option (I was able to walk on the treadmills at work, at a 2mph pace, but only for about a half mile at a time before it because too painful to continue. Towards the end, just before my surgery, I wasn’t even able to do walk very well without a significant amount of pain…so working out was totally out of the question). But, surprisingly, with counting calories, I was able to lose the weight at a nice, steady pace!

Today, I write this post at my “goal” weight for the end of 2013. I am down 27 pounds total, and about 25 of those pounds were prior to me working out again! I have 20 more pounds to go before I reach my final goal weight, and I’d really like to achieve that prior to our anniversary in May, when we go to Seattle on a trip and for a friend’s wedding! I’m really excited for this change…for the first time in my life I really have felt like I’ve made an actual LIFESTYLE change, not just a diet. For the past 2-3 weeks, when I track my food, it’s at the end of the day, and the tally has been within my calorie limits. So, I’m making unconscious decisions to eat well and be healthy. Plus, I think becoming a vegetarian has really pressed on me the importance of good nutrition, because I am missing out on some nutrients from meat, and I need to make those up elsewhere. It’s been a learning experience, but I hope it’s one that finally sticks!

So, there’s my update! Over halfway there!! I’m not sure if I’ll do before/after photos, since there’s no protected posting like with xanga, and it’s not something I want all up over the interwebz, but I might find a way around it.

Hope you all are doing well!

Much love,

A much needed respite.

With last week being Thanksgiving, J and I decided to take off the full week from work and really use it to relax and do some things around the house.  Initially, we were going to spend the entire week working on the bathroom remodel, but after some talking, we decided that we’d try to have a small getaway with just the two of us, first…just to spend some time together and to really de-stress.  Work has been insane for both of us lately, and we were really feeling the effects, so we thought a night away would be really nice.

So, J decided to take me to a casino/resort in Indiana, down in French Lick.  He booked us a room at the West Baden Springs Hotel, and we headed down early Monday afternoon so that I’d be there in time for the massage he set up for me!  Even though it’s not too far from where we live, because you take back-roads to get there, it took us a few hours.  I love car rides with J…we always have great conversations and lots of really weird insights that make us think.  It’s a great way for us to reconnect.  We got there just in time for my massage, so off I went!  If there is one thing guaranteed to relax me, it’s a good massage.  J knows this, so he usually makes it a point to schedule me one or urge me to get one for myself whenever we go somewhere.  Hot stone are my favorite!

Two hours later, refreshed, I walked through the giant atrium and up to our room.  We had a few hours prior to dinner reservations, and I wanted to check out the room and get settled a bit.  Walked into the room (which was gorgeous) and immediately noticed our view into the atrium!  The atrium was all decorated for Christmas, with an enormous Christmas Tree in the middle!  It was so pretty, but ignore the glare from my iPhone in the top right corner…apparently I’m not stealth-y when taking photos out the window.

atrium tree

After getting settled and getting ready for dinner (we did a dress-up dinner, which was SO nice), we headed down to explore a bit prior to heading to the restaurant.  Because it was a Monday, the place was empty, which was nice because it definitely felt intimate.  We stuffed ourselves full with amazing food!  Luckily, we didn’t order any appetizers, because dinner was insane!  I had the blacked trout stuffed with crab, with a side of garlic chive mashed potatoes.  Jamie had a rack of lamb, with the same mashed potatoes, then we split an order of grilled asparagus.  Along with a few different wine pairings, it was absolutely delicious!

After dinner, we explored a bit more, then headed back to our room to relax.  The next morning, we decided to head over to the other resort hotel that had a casino in it, the French Lick Springs Hotel, in order to check out the casino and have breakfast.  The hotel was also decorated for Christmas, and had a very 1870s New England feel to it.  Lots of old-fashioned decorations, very classy and well done.  Lots of gorgeous Christmas trees as well.  Breakfast was a buffet, with the chef making made-to-order omelets and made-to-order French toasts/waffles/pancakes.  Another very tasty meal!  I love French toast, and I was able to get an amazing omelet.  Plus, another Christmas tree!

FL Casino Tree

Finally, before heading home, we headed over to the casino to play a bit.  Spent some money, hung out and played a few games.  Nothing major, but still a good time!  After a bit of time there, we headed back on the road.  Ran a few errands, then got back home in time to start prepping for Thanksgiving!

Overall, it was a very much-needed break.  Even thought it was short, it was well worth it and a great time!  I love when we are able to get away and just relax with each other, because it reminds us of how much fun we have together and allows us to let go of work and life stress for a while.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Any fun stories?

Much love,