Girl Scouts

Since August, I’ve been a Girl Scout troop leader for girls here in the local school.  I have the Daisy Scouts, which are the Kindergarten through First Grade.  I have 5 girls total (4 Kindergarteners, 1 First Grader), and they are absolutely adorable!  It’s incredible to work with such young minds…like giant sponges, always interested in the how and the why…which is really awesome to see!

This week, we’re earning our Light Green Daisy Petal, which is to learn the traits of “Consideration and Caring.”  Usually, each meeting, we discuss the story (Zinni the Zinnia today) and then we do a craft to reiterate the message.  This week, I’ve decided that we’ll make cards to send to a local retirement home.  I thought the cards might brighten someone’s day, which is the whole point of the lesson.

I did a mock-up of the card last night, just so I could get an idea of what the finished product would look like.  What do you think?

outside   inside

Much love,


And here is their finished product!   I’ve cropped out their heads because I don’t have permission from their parents to post their photo online, so that’s why it looks all weird!

GS Card 2 GS Cards 1