More Ink…maybe I’m addicted?

I’ve always heard people say that getting tattoos is a bit addictive, but I never really believed them.  Until now, of course.  A few weeks back, I had my first tattoo (the compass rose on my shoulder) touched up, as well as finished with the coordinates for where J and I lived in the Netherlands and Japan.  Overall, the look is exactly what I was going for, and I love that she set it up in a way that I could always add more if we moved again.

So…one down.  However, much like everyone predicted, I was ready for #2 almost immediately!  I knew that I wanted something on my upper thigh, and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but wanted to talk with my tattoo artist to see what she could put together.  I talked with her a couple of weeks ago to flesh out the idea (pun intended), and we decided on a gorgeous mandala design.  It would be similar to the style of my compass rose, so the overall theme of the two would work well together.  Also, I love all the color work that she does, so it made sense to just let her run free with the colors.

mandala tattooLast night, I got my second tattoo!  She was able to do it all in one sitting, only took a couple of hours.  I absolutely LOVE what she’s done and can’t wait for it to fully  heal so that I can show it off!  The color work is gorgeous, and exactly what I knew would put together for me.  So, here it is…Tattoo #2!  What do you think?

Much love,