30 Days of Blogging: Special Photo

As I’m sure many of you are aware, J and I are animal lovers.  We love all sorts of animals, but cats are probably our favorite.  We currently have three kitties, and those girls make each and every day an adventure!   So, when the prompt to share a photo of something or someone who made my day special came up, all I could think about were our kitties.  Lily is the oldest, a wise 5 years, and is the orange tabby.  Lieve and Hana are the twin troublemakers, and only a few months past their first birthday.  They’re grey tabbies.  Between the three of them, there’s never a quiet moment in the house, and there’s definitely never a moment where the house is completely clean.  They’re like mini tornadoes…leaving nothing but distraction in their wake.  Thankfully, they give great cuddles, so it’s all forgiven.

Here are some photos of the beasts!  They each have their own personalities, and it’s so interesting to watch them all interact.  I look forward to many more years with these girls!


Much love,

Growing up.

picstitchIn a few short weeks, it will be a year since we brought two more kittens into our home.  They were born the first of June, so we got them at around eight weeks or so.  But, the other day, I looked at my two “little kittens” and realized, they’re now cats.  Hard to imagine (well, not really, Hana is fat)  but I guess everyone grows up at some point.

Last night, they were snuggled up next to me in bed, purring away while I scratched their head, and I could help but think back to when they were so tiny.  When we first got them, I could carry both of them in one hand with no effort.  Now…carrying them both at the same time in my arms is a feat!  But, they’re still my babies, no matter how big they get.  And…they get along fairly decently with Lily now!  Which is exciting, in and of itself!

So…happy birthday, my little furbabies.  I can’t explain the joy you’ve brought to our lives, and I look forward to several more birthdays with you.

Much love,

Good help is so hard to find.

I’m nearly finished up with a baby blanket that I’ve been working on for far too long.  Once I finish, I’ll be sure to do a post on it, but for now I wanted to show you just how “helpful” my cats are.  Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on my couch getting some crocheting done.  Lieve, one of my two kitten sisters, decided that she wanted to join me.  She spent about 30 seconds batting at the yarn, and then decided that a nap was far more enticing.  And thus, this photo.


Much love,

My cats have an instagram.

Yes, I’m one of THOSE people.  You all know them…the type of people who don’t have kids, but have pets.  The type of person whose phone has more photos of the pets than the spouse.  The type of person who worries about every sneeze, every cough, every hairball might be some epic disease sent to smote my babies.  Yeah…that’s me.  I own it.

So, in honor of my precious fur creatures (who cause trouble on an hourly basis, but look so cute and innocent while doing it), I have created them instagram accounts.  I’m almost ashamed to admit it…but then I realize, no…I’m really not.  I don’t use it nearly as much as their awesomeness would require me to, but I have started it up, and plan to fully capture all those fluff filled moments of random chaos.  And, as such, I feel you all should join and follow the fur butts, so that the world can see them in all their glorious cute.

If you’ve like to follow them, their instagram accounts are:  hanahuffs and lieve.jackson

They’re awesome…don’t try to avoid it.

Hana        Lieve

Much love,

An Update on the Twins

The kittens are doing so well!!  We’ve had them 2 weeks today, and they are completely out of their shells and running around like miniature banshees!  Hana is super talkative…she chirps about all the time, and Lieve is pretty high energy, but quiet.  Who are we kidding, they’re BOTH high energy, but I’m seriously loving every second.  This kitten stage is the best stage (in my opinion), because it’s like you discover the world all over again through their eyes. 

Yesterday was a big day for them…vet visit.  They needed to go in for their second round of boosters for kitten immunizations, plus a slew of other things.  They both were immunized, and the vet ran blood work for feline FIV and feline leukemia…both negative!!  Then, the vet checked the normal things…weight, temperature, eyes, ears, heart and lungs, tummy…the usual.  They got another round of dewormer, just in case, and then we were off!  Only one more visit, next month, for their follow-up shots, and then they’ll run the bloodwork for the spay procedure.  After that…they’ll get spayed, and hopefully be finished up with the vet for a year!

We got home after the vet yesterday and they both just sacked out on the bed…totally exhausted.  Poor little things..such a big day for them.  This morning…back to normal!  They are seriously so adorable, it’s hard not to love them up.  Lily is also doing SO much better with them.  There is still some hissing, and she’s still not sure about them, but she’s out and about when they’re out of our room now.  Before, she’d just book it straight into the spare bedroom and hide under the bed.  They’re definitely not BFF, but it’s also only been two weeks, so I have hopes that eventually they’ll learn to live together peacefully.  I’m not really expecting best friends, but I’ll take cordial.  LOL.  Hell…my goal is just no more hissing!

Otherwise, things are going really well.  The kittens are great with just about everything. We’ve clipped their nails once so far (no problems), and they’ve both been on antibiotics for the past 10 days due to an infection, so they’ve been taking the liquid like champs!  Overall, they’re just so laid back and like, “whatever mom, whatever you want.”   Lily is still being her old self with us…so no worries there!  Honestly, it’s going the best I could have hopped for, and I’m feeling better each day that we really made the right decision to get them!

I’ll leave you with a little compilation of my three babies! 


There you have it…my babies!!


Our Newest Family Members!

Last night, our wait was over! The kittens arrived at our place around 8:00pm and were immediately set free in our room. I absolutely adore how kittens are usually so fearless! They just took off and immediately started exploring, playing with each other, drinking their water and checking out their new digs. Ellen hung around for a few minutes to see how they did, but then she had to run back home and check on all her pets as well.

So, we spent an hour or so getting them sorted last night, then spent some time with our other cat, Lily. I did some laundry, and then we went to bed. The kittens were asleep in their own bed, nestled in our closet, but after I brushed my teeth they were wide awake and wanting to explore. They spent the night sleeping by our heads and alternatively crawling all over us and being adorable. I didn’t get much sleep, but man…they’re worth it!

Kitten #1          Kitten #2


Forgive the photo quality, they were on my iPhone.  Aren’t they adorable!  I can’t wait to go home and snuggle them some more (and snuggle Lily too!).



For the past few years, J and I have toyed with the idea of getting a second feline friend for our dear Lily (ok, by “dear,” I mean she’s a beast…but anyways). However, we were always caught up on whether it was a good idea to add another cat into the mix, or should we just leave Lily as a single cat in the house. We’d go back and forth quite a bit, and while we lived in the Netherlands it was always sort of wishful thinking, because the last thing we wanted to do was get a cat there and then move the cat overseas back to the US with us. In addition, we lived in a shoebox in the Netherlands…we didn’t need another living, breathing thing in that apartment.

So, a few weeks ago (as I mentioned in a previous post), I joined the City Band. After my first rehearsal, one of the clarinet players announced to everyone that she had a litter of kittens she was trying to find homes for. A stray momma cat came to her neighbor’s house and gave birth to a litter of 4 female kittens, and she had taken them all into her home, but could only keep the momma cat. So…I immediately thought about our previous considerations on taking another cat into the home…then went home and started the discussion with J. We tossed it around some more, back and forth, and then finally decided that it would be good for our home (and hopefully for Lily) to bring in another cat. Then…J throws a wrench in the works. The lady was on her way over with all four kittens (and momma) so we could pick ours, and J was like, “well, after we see them, we can pick which one and how many.” So…apparently not only was ONE kitten on the table, the option for TWO was as well!!! Twist my arm!

So the lady gets there, kittens in tow…and boy were they all adorable! However, the two tabbies (there were two tabbies and two full on grey coat kittens) were by far the more adventurous and outgoing. They were all sweet and loving, but I just felt like the tabbies would be a great addition to our house! We told Ellen that we’d take the tabbies, and she then took them all to C.A.R.E. to get their first round of immunizations. We’ll get the two new beasts on Monday!

In the meantime, I’ll post what I have in way of photos for you all! I’m sure I’ll have a ton more once we get them full-time, but for now this is what Ellen sent to me before I met them. And no, we don’t have names yet.

kitten 1 kitten 2

It probably doesn’t look like it, but those are two different kittens.  They look remarkably similar, which is why I’m getting different color collars, so I can tell them apart (until I get used to their personalities).  They’re about 9 weeks old…1.5 pounds!  Just little bundles of love!  I can’t wait to see how they interact with our other cat, Lily…I just hope it’s a good experience!  If any of you have any experience in bringing another cat into a single cat home, please let me know!