Our Travel Experiences

One of our greatest hobbies is travel.  J and I have lived in three countries together (the United States, Japan, and The Netherlands), and we make it a priority to travel whenever we can.  Local attractions, road trips, weekend excursions, overseas flights…we love it all!  The list of places to go keeps getting longer, and it seems like every time we cross off a place, four more are added.  It’s a constantly growing and ever-changing need to really EXPERIENCE the world we live in.

I don’t really talk a ton about my travels on this blog.  This is mainly because I have a second blog that I’ve devoted solely to our traveling in Europe.  Before that, when we lived in Japan, I didn’t really blog much, so there’s not anything to add.  This is probably one of my greatest regrets about living in Japan, and one that I want to be sure I don’t repeat, hence my need for the second blog.

If you’re interested in checking out my other blog, I have a link to it on my blog roll over to the side.  The website is called Nutella N Dreams, which is a play on a conversation I had with my husband right after moving to the Netherlands.  He asked me how I was liking it so far, and I told him I was living in the land of Nutella and dreams.  From there, the travel blog was born!  Feel free to check it out, and subscribe!  We don’t travel as much now that we have moved back to the US, but we have a few trips coming up this year that I’ll be sure to post about!

Much love,

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