The Lone Star State

I haven’t really been talking much about work lately.  Last year, I moved out of a role in Program Management, and into a role in Sales and Marketing, as an Account Executive working with our Off-Highway customers.  While living in Europe, I worked as an Account Manager in On-Highway, so I was familiar with the work and was really excited to advance my customer interactions and commercial knowledge.

However, in mid-November, my company announced that we’d be doing workforce reductions (a.k.a. “layoffs”).  This was the third layoff that I’d experienced with this company, so I knew that things were going to be in flux for awhile.  I wasn’t too worried about my position (though, anything can happen), but I knew that my group would probably take a hit.

So…imagine my surprise (and actually, I was shocked as hell), when I got pulled into a meeting with my boss and the General Manager to be told that, due to the layoffs, I was being moved into a new position, BACK into Program Management.  So…here I am, 1 week before Christmas, and I’m being told that I’m leaving the role that I just moved into a few months prior, to go back to a role that I’d left.

I won’t lie…it took a day or so for me to wrap my mind around it and to get into a positive mindset.  I was worried that I’d be overloaded like I was in my previous role, and the customer that I was going to be working with was notorious for being highly demanding.  Frankly, I was terrified my life was going to suck.

I’m happy to say, after a full month, things are going fairly decently!  I’m currently in Texas at a face-to-face meeting with the customer, and I’m feeling fairly settled.  It’s a lot more firefighting than I did in Account work, but it’s exciting.  The program launches in 2017, so I will be on this team for a year or so…and after that, I’m not quite sure.

That’s a little bit about what’s going on in my life currently!  I’m super excited because, on Friday, I get to spend the weekend with my BFF, L!  We’re going to drive to Waco and go to Magnolia Market (from the HGTV show “Fixer Upper”) and I can’t wait!  Plus, I will say, Texas has some AMAZING food!  Plenty to enjoy in this great state, for sure

Much love,

My very first rosary.

Most days of life, I consider myself to be very lucky.  I mean…I have down days, I think we all do, but overall I feel very blessed in life.  I have a good job, a fantastic husband, and wonderful friends.  This past week, however, has been absolutely HORRID at work.  It’s been incredibly stressful, and that’s been bleeding over to most parts of my life.  And (maybe I’m waxing poetic here) I think God knew that and really stepped in for a “pick me up.”

My best friend in the Netherlands, who has been a huge guide during my conversion to Catholicism, is my shoulder for a lot of tchaplethings.  Lately, she’s been my sounding board for work stress and other things going on in life.  And, as a “bestie” she’s well aware of my feelings of being a bit defeated this week.  Yesterday, at work, she sent me a message saying “the package has been delivered!” and I had no idea what she was talking about.  She let me know that she had sent me something, and that it had been delivered, and I was to check my mail when I got home.  And after that, I went back to my work, and got through the day, then went to Girl Scouts.  When I got home, I remembered her message to me, and ran out to check the mail (definitely was very excited by this point).  I knew it would be amazing, but had no clue what she had sent me.

I grabbed my package and ran back inside, ripping it open as I went (I am such a child at times, I’ll admit it).  rosaryInside the package were two boxes…plain brown paper boxes with some blue string tied around it.  Confused, I untied the string and opened it up.  And honestly, as soon as I saw what she had sent me, I nearly cried.  Nestled inside the two boxes were two rosaries!  One was a full rosary and the second was a chaplet with my patron saint, St. Cecilia, on it.  It was the perfect gift for me at this moment in my life!  Work had been crap, I was feeling overwhelmed and completely ineffective, and here was this beautiful gift to commemorate my baptism this coming Saturday.  It was though God, through T, was reminding me that there were more important things in life aside from work.  Family, faith, friends, spouse, etc. …whatever each person’s personal belief system is, there’s more to life than working yourself to death.  It was a perfect reminder at such an opportune time, and I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends!

Much love,