Long Time in Between

It’s been months since I’ve posted, and so much has happened in that time.  We were matched to adopt a baby girl due in June, but that match fell through at the last-minute.  We’ve been traveling (Colorado most recently) and trying to live our lives as a family of two, but it’s hard at times.

We’re back on the adoption wait, hoping for a match soon.  I have a couple of trips planned coming up (FL to visit a friend and KY with my bestie), so that helps pass the time!  I’ll try to get back on here and post more often, especially with all my crafts and home remodel stuff!

Oh!  And also training for triathlons now!  I completed my first one in early June and I have two more that I’m already registered for!  It’s hard work, but helps me focus my energy, so that’s good!  I’ll post more on those at a later date!

Missed you all, hope you’re well,

Seattle Fabulousness!

Last week, J and I traveled to Seattle for a dear friend’s wedding.  Neither J nor I had ever been to the Pacific Northwest, so it was new for both of us, which was nice.  As is typical with our travel, the trip started off with a bang…

We flew out of Indiana, and our connection was in Chicago.  We normally connect through Chicago because we usually fly with United (all of J’s trips to Japan really helps us build up airline frequent flyer miles).  The first flight was easy, no trouble at all.  We had a brief layover in Chicago…enough time to grab a quick bite and get moving…and then we boarded our plane for the next, longer leg of the trip (ORD to SEA-TAC).  And we sat.  And sat.  And sat some more.  Finally, the captain of the plane came over the loud-speaker and informed us all that there was a “security incident” that was being handled, but that we weren’t able to take off just yet until all the questions had been resolved.  Which…ok…I already have a small amount of flight anxiety (it used to be MUCH worse, but I’ve learned a lot of tricks to handle it), and then you start talking about “security incidents” and “multiple-agency involvement” and I start to get a little concerned.  Then they remove a gentleman from the plane, and all his luggage.  Again…slightly concerning, but not too bad.  Then…they start checking his seat!  Umm…check please…I’m done.  At this point, we’d been sitting on the tarmac for nearly two hours while they were sorting out the issue.  The captain came back on over the speakers and informed us that they were nearly finished, and that, if any of the passengers wanted, they were free to leave the plane and take a later flight.  I was tempted, I won’t lie…but we stuck around.  At about 2 hours past when we were supposed to take off, we were on our way to Seattle, finally.  The flight itself was remarkably quick and smooth, so it was a nice change from the crazy that happened prior to take-off.

Once we got to Seattle, it was a mixture of a small amount of sight-seeing and a lot of wedding, which was absolutely fabulous.  I got to spend several days with my best girl, and get to see a new city!  Overall, it was a blast, and good lord did I eat!  Seriously, every restaurant we visited was better than the last, and I definitely got my fill of fish!  We spent one morning at Pike’s Place Market, an afternoon driving around Mt. Rainier, and an afternoon checking out the Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum.  Also, J and I traveled to the lodge the day prior to checking in to our room, to get a couple’s massage and see the area.  The Lodge and Spa was gorgeous, and the massage was WELL needed.  Blissful!

Saturday was wedding festivities.  R and I had our hair done, then we raced off to Nordstrom to pick up undergarments for her dress (she had accidentally forgot them in Ohio).  After that, all her family, J and I, and our friends (many of the guests knew each other prior and were all friends) met up for a delicious lunch.  I had prawn and lobster macaroni and cheese, and it was delicious!  Once finished, we went back to the Lodge to get ready and prep for the big moment!  Make-up, photos, and getting into the dress all happened, and then we were on our way.

The wedding was gorgeous.  Simple and classic (totally R’s style), and nothing short of perfect.  It was a small wedding, and incorporated parts of her Jewish faith and his Slovenian heritage, and it was perfect for them.  After the ceremony (complete with the glass breaking), there were some more photos taken, and then it was time for dinner!  And oh lordy, was it a dinner to remember.  Seven courses, all more amazing than the last.  Mother of the Bride managed to snag me the recipe for the white truffle cauliflower soup, so I can’t wait to make that!  Plus, the wedding cake was stunning (and delicious to boot!).

Overall, the trip was fantastic.  We had a good mixture of fun and friend time, and getting wedding stuff accomplished, and getting to spend time with R and other friends was worth it a million times over!  I’ll  do a more in-depth travel review of the lodge and restaurants on my other site, and I’ll be sure to throw in some photos when I get them back from J’s camera.  But, for now, here’s one of J and I from the wedding!

J and I

Much love,