Infinity Scarf

As I was going through my older posts, I realized that my slacker ways conspired to ruin me.  In a post from September, where I was gushing over some fabulous yarn, I promised you all an update on the infinity scarf that I crocheted with the yarn.  And then…*poof* I scampered off and left you all hanging.  My mistake.

scarfI did finish the scarf…and it is glorious.  I wear it nearly every day, and it’s part of my winter style.  I used a simple Tunisian crochet stitch, and just made a super long scarf, then stitched the two ends together so that I could wrap it around my neck.  I’m seriously considering making a few more of these, in different colors, because I love wearing them all winter long…so soft and cozy!

Please forgive my cheesy grin and bad lighting.  Again, another iPhone photo, and one that I was snapping to send a friend for a quick “do you want one of these” question…so it’s not exactly Vogue.  Oh well…you get the idea.

Much love,

Well well, what do we have here?

yarnWell well…what do we have here?  It’s a post! (Which, in and of itself isn’t all that exciting.  But, the fact is, I’ve been sorely neglectful in my blogging as of late and so it’s quite the feat!)

So…what’s going on!  Well, I’ve been busy with several crochet projects, but of course I started another last night (this makes a total of 3 going on at the moment).  Nothing like having choices for things to work on!  As I was embracing the fall weather this weekend, I realized it was coming up on scarf weather!  And, if you know me, you know that there’s nothing I like better than a warm and cozy scarf during the cool fall/cold winter months.  So, I thought that I’d finally make something for myself (as of yet, the only crochet project I’ve made for myself is the Crochet Challenge 2015 afghan, which is still a WIP.

So, with that, I decided that I wanted a new infinity scarf to wear for the winter, and was all set to order some new yarn (because, really, who doesn’t need more yarn), but then decided to take a look at my stash, just in case. And what before my wondering eyes should appear, but some GORGEOUS yarn that I had purchased on a close-out sale a few months back at our local yarn store!  It was totally one of those impulse buys…the ones where you sit there and justify it to yourself.  “I don’t really have a project to use it on NOW,” you say to yourself, “but there’s totally something I can make with it later…and it’s SUCH a good deal!”  And then your husband finds out and pitches a fit because you already have 235,390,100 skeins of yarn, and really, “DID YOU NEED TWO MORE?!”

(Yes, dear.  Yes I did.  Thanks for asking.)

But I digress.  So here I was…sitting in my house, glancing through my yarn stash when I come across my two new skeins of GLORIOUSNESS.   They’re perfection, seriously.  It was as though the heavens opened up and angels started singing.  No really…angels.  Singing.  Trust me on this.

The yarn I decided to go with is from Blue Sky Alpacas.  The color is a lovely muted purple called Thistle, and it is the perfect fall/winter color!  Plus, the yarn….just…I can’t even.  If I used the word “sumptuous” to describe it, that wouldn’t be enough.  The yarn feels like heaven to work with, and is so soft and cozy.  It’s a pricier yarn than I normally use, but hey…we all deserve a splurge every now and then!

So…I’m about halfway finished on the scarf, and will be sure to post finished photos when it’s complete.  For now, I’ll tempt you all with the yarn before I started working with it, and encourage you all to give this yarn a try.  Seriously, you won’t regret it!

Much love,